MLAC Elections

Sufficient nominations for MLAC have been received to warrant an election, to be held 10:00 am to 2:00 pm on July 1st, 2018 at the store by the beach.  Additional details have been emailed to all known owners in the resort.

Open Fire Ban!

Due to the extremely dry conditions this spring, until further notice the RM of Bjorkdale has implemented a ban on all open fires throughout the RM. Propane powered devices are still allowed.

This includes Marean Lake, please respect this ban and keep our lake community safe.

RM Office Relocation

The RM of Bjorkdale has relocated their office into the community of Bjorkdale.  Their new phone number is (306) 886-2470

RM of Bjorkdale No. 426
PO Box 60
Bjorkdale SK
S0E 0E0

Speed and Safety

New speed bumps have been installed

Excessive speed creates a safety hazard for pedestrians and increases dust.  In order to reduce speeds, the RM has now installed several speed bumps (marked with flags) on the 2 main access roads into the resort from grid road #679.


Speed on the main access roads is limited to 40 kph

Speed within the resort is limited to 20 kph

STOP Aquatic Invasive Species


Zebra mussels and Quagga mussels are two species that, when introduced to a new ecosystem, reproduce at such a rapid rate that they then over take the ecosystem and kill everything in it as they do not have any natural predators in Saskatchewan, Canada, or North America.

They have been confirmed present in Lake Winnipeg as well as the Great Lakes. Additionally they have been found in every state in the USA.

If there is a boat that has been in a lake in these contaminated areas, they must be quarantined and disinfected before they are allowed in Saskatchewan lakes. If you spot a boat with a license plate from these areas, call the number on the sign and do not allow the boat in the water.

Eventually we will have pamphlets with more information available at the store as well as on the MLAC website.

Click here for more information on these 2 species.  We appreciate your participation in this prevention program.

Remember to Slow Down

With the Canada Day long weekend a few days away boating season is in full-swing.  This sign from Greenwater Lake Provincial Park is a good reminder of an important rule on the water.  The high water levels this spring and high winds have undermined parts of the shoreline of Marean lake, and wakes from boats using excessive speed near shore only compound the problem.

Please remember to reduce speeds close to land as a courtesy to people on the shore and to prevent damage.

Need to brush up on boating safety?  Click here to download the Transport Canada Safe Boating Guide.

MLAC Nominations Remain Open

No nominations were received during the initial nomination period for the position on MLAC, so a call for further nominations is now open.   Nominations will now close at 4:00 pm on Thursday June 8, 2017 and MUST be submitted to the RM OfficeClick here for further information and nomination forms.

Each year one position on the Marean Lake Advisory Committee is open for election.


Boat Launch Fees

New boat launch fees have been implemented for the 2017 boating season.

Cabin owners within the Marean Lake Resort (the community that contains McCrea Beach) will continue to use the boat launch adjacent to the beach at no cost.  Anyone else using this launch (including cabin owners in the resorts to the north and west of the beach, and the general public) is required to pay a launch fee of $50 per season or $10 for a weekend.

Appropriate stickers for all boats are available at ‘Bob’s Place’, the store at the beach.

Please remember that parking for boats and trailers near the beach is extremely limited and day-users will need to consider alternatives.