Over the May long weekend an underage ATV driver was involved in a single vehicle accident within our resort. MLAC would like to remind everyone that ALL ROADS within the resort are PUBLIC ROADS and all the rules governing all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s) apply.  The safety of both riders and other users of our roads is paramount, and continued illegal and unsafe use of these vehicles is not acceptable.  Please understand your responsibilities and drive safely.

Fire Conditions Still Challenging

While neither Greenwater Provincial Park nor the Rural Municipality of Bjorkdale have implemented fire bans, the fire risk remains elevated and caution is required. MLAC is continuing to ask that people voluntarily restrict their fire use.

MLAC Nominations are Open

Nominations forms and related information for election to the Marean Lake Advisory Committee have now been posted to the website of the RM of Bjorkdale.  The links are available under the ‘Marean Lake’ tab, or they can also be accessed directly through these links:

Nominations close at 4:00 pm on Wednesday June 1, 2016 and MUST be submitted to the RM Office.  To be nominated you must be an eligible voter in the subdivision and the form must be signed by any other 2 voters in the subdivision.  Only  one position is open for re-election each year.

Fire Alert

With the continuing hot and dry weather, the Saskatchewan Provincial Fire Commissioner is urging extra precautions.  The area around Marean and Greenwater Lakes is very dry and at risk.

MLAC is asking that everyone within the Marean Lake Resort voluntarily restrict fires until the situation improves.

Thank you for your support in protecting our lake community.

Tent Caterpillars

Once again the Marean Lake area is expecting a significant infestation of tent caterpillars this spring.  Tent caterpillars are those annoying things that strip deciduous trees of their leaves, crawl on every available surface, spin cocoons everywhere, and generally make life miserable for us.  The aerial spraying program undertaken last spring was very successful and the Marean Lake Advisory Committee is once again partnering with the other developments at the lake to repeat it this year.

Depending on weather and other conditions, it is expected the Marean and Greenwater area will be sprayed sometime before the end of May.  Spraying will occur in the very early morning hours when winds are the calmest.

Please go to our Documents page if you would like to review the spray blocks being covered and various technical documents related to the product being used.

Water Ski and Wakeboard Clinic

Water Ski and Wakeboard Saskatchewan has confirmed that a clinic will be held at Marean Lake on July 16th and 17th, 2016.  Space is limited, if you are interested in participating please text Kaly Coleman at 306-873-0887 or email at   All participants must be signed up by May 1st to ensure a spot.

Resort Maintenance Service Contract Opportunity

The Marean Lake Advisory Committee (MLAC) is issuing a service contract for the provision of resort maintenance activities between May 1 – September 30, 2016.  Interested parties are invited to respond.

Key responsibilities could include: maintenance of all municipal and environmental reserves  within the resort subdivision (including mowing, beach cleanup, garbage and fish filleting removal, etc), basic maintenance of resort buildings and equipment including operation of the water system, installation and removal of swim buoys and beach equipment, assisting with the installation and removal of docks owned by the RM, and coordination of general maintenance of roads, signs and walking paths.

The successful applicant will determine their own schedule, although It is expected that some responsibilities will involve daily activity during July and August and with reduced frequency in May and September.

Anyone interested in this contract position is invited to respond to the email address below with a summary of appropriate experience and qualifications, compensation expectations, and availability.  MLAC will subsequently negotiate a work plan and compensation with the most qualified party.

Please send an email to this address for additional information or to submit a proposal.

More Break and Enter

Once again we have become aware of more break-and-enter thefts in and around the Marean Lake area.  RCMP are aware of the situation, cabin owners should ensure their properties are checked regularly over the winter months.  For any concerns, contact the RCMP at either the Kelvington office (306-327-1200) or Rose Valley (306-322-2550).