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The Marean Lake Advisory Committee maintains a private email list for distribution of information to all ratepayers with the Marean Lake Resort subdivision.  If you are not on it, and would like to be, please send an email to this address to have your name added.  Include your name, address, phone number and the Block and Lot number of your property.

General Meeting – Mark your Calendars

Please mark the following date in your calendars for the next general meeting of cabin owners at the Marean Lake Resort subdivision:

at the store, Marean Lake

The purpose of the meeting will be to provide an update on the transformation to the Advisory Committee, review draft plans for changes to be implemented next spring, and discuss any issues of concern to you. Your input will be valuable.

Website Changes

You will start to see changes on this website as it transforms into use by the newly established Marean Lake Advisory Committee.  Formal documentation for the Committee can still be found at the RM of Bjorkdale website, but ongoing communication will be established here.

Thanks to the Marean Lake Resort Cabin Owners Assoc. for allowing us to continue to use this site for the benefit of owners in the resort!


Candidate Information

Click the ’2014 Election’ link above to see information on the candidates that have filed nomination papers, and to get additional information on the election.

Mark your calendar – Election day is August 2, 2014

The first elections for the new Marean Lake Advisory Committee will be held on August 2, 2014 with a polling location at the resort.  Please plan to vote to ensure your voice is heard.  Advance polls will also be available at the RM office in Crooked River during office hours between July 14th and August 1st.

Are you interested in running for a seat on the Committee?  Please consider this important role.  Nomination deadline is June 4th, and we will use this website to provide some basic information on all candidates.

Please see the RM of Bjorkdale website for nomination details.

Annual Meeting 2014 Update

Thanks to all who attended the annual meeting on May 17th!  The turn-out was great, with good discussion on a variety of topics.

Most importantly, the meeting coincided with the announcement by the RM of Bjorkdale of the creation of the new ‘Marean Lake Advisory Committee’  as the primary connection between the RM and individual owners at the resort.  The Provincial Government has indicated they will not be approving the formation of a Hamlet for the community, and the RM has enacted a bylaw to create this committee as an alternative.  The Marean Lake Resort Cabin Owners Association was involved in discussion with the RM about this Committee and fully supports it’s creation.

The Committee will be elected from owners within the Marean Lake Resort community and provide direct input into how tax dollars are spent.  It is important to note the committee is accountable to the RM, not to MLRCO.

Further documentation is available at the RM website.

Almost Spring….

Spring is in the air, and plans are turning toward prepping the lake for the coming summer.

Will  you be at the lake on the May long weekend?  Our members are encouraged to attend the next general meeting of the Marean Lake Resort Cabin Owners Association at 1:00 pm on Saturday May 17, 2014 at the Christ the King Camp.

The agenda and other details will be emailed to members in advance of the meeting.  If the grounds at the Camp is still soft from the spring thaw, parking will be limited and everyone is encouraged to walk.

All the best of the Season…

With the Christmas holiday season here, we would like to extend our best wishes to you and your families.  And happy sledding to those who enjoy the lake at this time of year!

Marlin Johnson
Debby Cummins
Kelly Walker
Allen Lefebvre
Joe Berthold
John Buss
Sharon Cooper
Leah Johnson
Harry Plemel