Break and Enter

The Greenwater area, including resorts at Marean Lake have been hit with a rash of break-and-enter thefts recently.  RCMP are aware and stepping up monitoring, and cabin owners should ensure their properties are checked regularly over the winter months.  For any concerns, contact the RCMP at either the Kelvington office (306-327-1200) or Rose Valley (306-322-2550).

Winter Snow Removal

The RM of Bjorkdale No. 426 is accepting tenders for the annual snow removal contract for Marean Lake Resort subdivision adjacent to the lake. The successful contractor will be required to remove snow from the municipal roads within the resort after every significant snow fall (more than 8 to 10 cm) during the winter season. The contract will be paid on a monthly basis for the months of November through March. Expectations are that roads will be floated until a hardpack base of approximately 5 to 10 cm is established after which plowing will be expected. Please submit your tender including your monthly fee and the equipment to be used.
Tenders must be submitted to the RM office by 4:30 pm on Thursday October 22nd, 2015.

Lowest for any tender not necessarily accepted.

RM of Bjorkdale No 426
Box 10, Crooked River, SK  S0E 0R0
Phone 306-873-2470
Fax 306-873-2365


Request for Proposals-Store Operations

The Marean Lake Advisory Committee is seeking proposals from anyone interested in operating the Store at Marean Lake, starting with the 2016 summer season.

Click this link to download a copy of a document outlining expectations and responsibilities.

Anyone wanting further information is welcome to contact any member of the the Advisory Committee.  Submissions must be received no later than October 15, 2015 at the following email address: 

July 1st Holiday Security

Additional security measures will be implemented within the resort in order to ensure that we all have a safe and enjoyable Canada Day holiday.  Because the holiday falls mid-week, the additional  measures will in place the weekend before and the weekend after, as well as the 1st.

A checkpoint will be in place on the main road throughout the evening, the rear gate will be closed during the evening, and police patrols will be more frequent.


Docking Update

All the placements on private docks (south of the boat launch) have been finalized, and those people securing seasonal spots (north of the boat launch) have been contacted.  If you were looking for a spot and have not been contacted then you may be on the wait list.  Once the seasonal spots have been finalized the wait list will be published on the website.

Daily bookings are available for anyone needing them by contacting Jax Snacks at 306-278-1210.  Daily bookings are restricted to cabin owners within the Marean Lake Resort until June 15th, after which they will be open to the public.


Aerial Spraying for Tent Caterpillars – Update

The cool weather a few weeks ago delayed the leafing of the trees and the development of the caterpillars, but that changed dramatically in the last 2 days. Weather permitting, tent caterpillar spraying at Greenwater and Marean could start as early as Monday, May 25th. Look for planes to be in the air starting between 5:00 and 6:00 AM.

(Note: Spraying was completed as planned on the morning of the 25th)

May Long Weekend Security

Over the upcoming May long weekend additional security measures will be implemented within the resort in order to ensure that we all have a safe and enjoyable weekend.

A checkpoint will be in place on the main road throughout the evening, the rear gate will be closed during the evening and overnight, and police patrols will be more frequent.


Aerial Spraying for Tent Caterpillars

Tent caterpillars are those annoying things that strip deciduous trees of their leaves, crawl on every available surface, spin cocoons everywhere, and generally make life miserable.  They began encroaching on Marean Lake from the south last summer and will be approaching their peak this year.  In order to make the lake liveable this summer, the Marean Lake Advisory Committee is partnering with the other developments at the lake to undertake an aerial spraying program.

Depending on weather conditions, it is expected the Marean and Greenwater area will be sprayed midweek following the May long weekend (May 19-21).  Spraying will occur in the very early morning hours when winds are the calmest.

Click here to read the notice about the spraying program.  Go to our Documents page if you would like to review the spray blocks being covered and various technical documents related to the product being used.

2015 Election

Once again no election is required for MLAC membership.  Only one nomination was received and Marlin Johnson was acclaimed into the position by the RM of Bjorkdale.  Thanks to Marlin for reconsidering his nomination.  Appropriate documents are posted on the RM of Bjorkdale website.