2015 Election

Once again no election is required for MLAC membership.  Only one nomination was received and Marlin Johnson was acclaimed into the position by the RM of Bjorkdale.  Thanks to Marlin for reconsidering his nomination.  Appropriate documents are posted on the RM of Bjorkdale website.

2015 AGM and Election

Mark your Calendars!

As discussed at the general meeting last August, the 2015 AGM will be held on May 16th at 1:00 pm at Church Camp.  Each year one position on the Marean Lake Advisory Committee is open for election.  Details of the process will be emailed in the coming weeks, and all property owners at the resort are encouraged to think about running.

Request for Proposals-Store Operations

The Marean Lake Advisory Committee has now assumed responsibility for the operation of the store and is seeking proposals from anyone interested in operating it, starting with the 2015 summer season.

Click this link to download a copy of a document outlining expectations and responsibilities.

Anyone wanting further information is welcome to contact any member of the the Advisory Committee.  Submissions must be received no later than February 15, 2015 at the following email address: mail@mlrcabinowners.ca 

New Civic Addresses

The RM of Bjorkdale recently approved the adoption of new civic addresses for the resort, and is now working with the appropriate Provincial authorities to finalize implementation. Each address will be combined with a geographic locator and incorporated into the province-wide 911 system used by emergency services.  The complete resort map, with civic addresses included, can be located on the Documents page.

Labor Day Long Weekend

Security around the resort will be increased over the September long weekend, in an effort to curb the partying, alcohol use by minors and vandalism that has occurred on recent weekends.

Throughout the long weekend the rear gate will be closed at the south end of Camp Road. The main gate into the resort, near the garbage bins, will also be closed/staffed as needed, with passage allowed for all owners and guests. Teams of volunteers will be monitoring activity in the resort throughout the weekend and RCMP presence will be stepped up.

August Long Weekend Events

The August long weekend was a very busy one at the lake, with great weather and a very successful BBQ and fireworks display for owners in the resort.  A big thank you to the volunteers that organized the event!

Unfortunately the weekend was also marred by incidents that required RCMP intervention. Loud parties took place, property was damaged, thefts occurred and arrests were made.   As a result, the Advisory Committee is accelerating plans to develop a strategy to prevent similar occurrences.  Anyone interested in volunteering to assist is encouraged to click the contact button above and send us an email.

Docking Survey Summary

The boat docking survey is complete, with an excellent overall response rate from the owners within the MLR sub-division.

The information provided will be be used by the Advisory Committee to build a plan for the 2015 season and beyond.  A boat docking sub-committee will be created immediately to assist in developing a policy for utilizing the environmental reserve south of the beach, and a draft will be ready for discussion at the August 30th information meeting. Following feedback at that meeting the sub-committee will dive into the task of designing a layout that maximizes use.

Please click here to download a summary of the survey results.

Activity Update

Since June 4th the members of the Marean Lake Advisory Committee have been busy getting up to speed on the many issues within the sub-division.  Here’s a quick overview of issues being worked on over the summer.

  • MLAC Bylaw: On May 2, 2014 the RM of Bjorkdale enacted a bylaw granting Authority to the Marean Lake Advisory Committee.  Click here to download a copy of the Bylaw.
  • Boat docking on the environmental reserve land:  a survey of owners within the sub-division was created to gather detailed information to be used to begin drafting a framework for discussion on August 30th.
  • Drainage:  The heavy rains in early July caused a number of drainage issues within the sub-division.  The affected owners approached Advisory Committee members with their concerns, and discussions are underway with the RM to understand who has authority and jurisdiction over this issue.
  • Responsibility for Environmental and Municipal Reserves:  Several areas within the resort were designated as either Environmental Reserve (ER), Municipal Reserve (MR), Walkway (W), or Municipal Buffer (MR) at the time the Provincial Government approved the sub-division plan.  The Advisory Committee assumes responsibility for those areas after the completion of the 2014 summer season. Click here to download the plan, and look for areas labeled ER, MR, MB, and W.  The green space in Block 3 Lot 1 and Block 7 Lot 1 remain MLR Land Co. property.
  • Responsibility for roads and Street lighting:  MLR Land Co. is still responsible for the street lighting and roads (including the creation of the walking path alongside the main road), although they are scheduled to transfer to the RM later this summer following a final inspection.  The Advisory Committee will be involved in the inspection, but the approval authority rests with the RM.  Following the transfer the Advisory Committee will assume responsibility.
  • Snow Clearing:  MLAC has initiated plans to tender winter snow clearing in the sub-division.
  • Building Standards: Every lease or sale agreement executed by MLR Land Co. included an appendix with Building Standards that regulated a number of issues within the sub-division.  A version of this appendix was also attached to each title as a ‘Restrictive Covenant’ and remains in force on all properties in the sub-division. Each owner is obligated to abide by these standards, the Advisory Committee is working with MLR and the RM to address the most effective way to manage them.  Click here to download a copy similar to the one in each lease or sale agreement, and contact the RM of Bjorkdale directly for building permits when undertaking renovations.
  • Civic Addresses: Now that street signs are up, the creation of civic addresses will be completed by this fall.  These are needed not only for convenience of use but also for 911 service in the area.  Once addresses are determined, each owner will be required to provide the appropriate signage on their property.  The new civic address will be different than existing block/lot number identifiers.
  • Budget: Starting in January 2015 the RM will be providing 75% of the municipal portion of the property tax revenue from the properties within the sub-division for the Advisory Committee to manage expenses for things like roads, lighting, snow-clearing, etc.  Since this is a new approach to managing the resort, considerable effort will be required to plan activities for the coming year and budget accordingly.